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The original title of the book, Booklet for Way to Paradise, which we are currently presenting, is Miftâh-ul-Janna, which means The Key of the Gate to Paradise. It was written by Muhammad bin Qutb-ud-dîn Iznikî ‘rahima-hullâhu ta’âlâ’, who passed away in Edirne in the hegiral lunar year 885 [1480 A.D.]. Profound Islamic scholar Sayyid ’Abd-ul-Hakîm Efendi ‘rahima-hullâhu ta’âlâ’ (1281 [1865 A.D.], Bashkal’a, Van – 1362 [1943 A.D.], Ankara, Turkey) stated: “The author of the book entitled Miftâh-ul-Janna is said to have been a pious person. It will be useful to read it.” Therefore, we have published the book. The explanations here and there in the book and which have been added within brackets are citations borrowed from other books. They are by no means expressions of personal views and comments. May Allâhu ta’âlâ protect us all against separatism and dis, which are the inescapable consequences of falling into the traps set by Islam’s enemies lying in ambush and their treacherous, heretical, lâ-madhhabî, reformist-minded accomplices under Muslim names, some of whom pass for men of religion! May He unite us all within the Madh-hab of Ahl as-Sunnat, the one and only way of following and adapting ourselves to His beloved Prophet ‘sall-Allâhu ta’âlâ ’alaihi wa sallam’! May He bless us all with a way of life wherein we love and help one another! Âmîn.
This book is a translation of Seâdet-i Ebediyye, which was originally written in Turkish. The Turkish original of the book Seâdet-i Ebediyye consists of three parts, all of which add up to well over twelve hundred pages. We have translated the entire book into English and published our translations in six individual fascicles. Seâdet-i Ebediyye is a book prepared according to the Hanafî Madhhab. There is not a single bit of knowledge or a word which contradicts the creed of Ahl-i Sunnat wa’l Jamâ’at in this book. This is the sixth fascicle. We invoke Allâhu ta’âlâ for help, so the book may reach our dear readers.